The Chicken vs Jaguar advertisement as was the bite that swallowed Mercedes’ pride. These two brands have not been battling each other in just sales, but in the fast world of advertising as well.

Mercedes and Jaguar Go Head to Head in Funny TVC

Who doesn’t love a fun and quirky advertisement? Especially the ones where the world’s biggest automobile brands like Mercedes and Jaguar who make luxury cars for the public use animals and birds in their TVC’s to display the specs of their awesome automobiles.

A Cruising Chicken Tests the Stability of a Mercedes Car

Mercedes with great pride launched their ‘chicken’ TVC to demonstrate the unmatched stability and control that comes with their cars. In the commercial, a lab guy holds the bottom of a well-fed chicken with both his white-gloved hands in what looks like a testing room with the walls covered in measurements. With his hands, he moves the expressionless chicken up and down, round and round and side to side to the beats of a famous song playing in the background that have the same lyrics. Whether the chicken moves upside down, round and round, up or down or any other direction to the beat of the song, a Mercedes will give you stability at all times and a magic-like body control. The ad ends with the Mercedes-Benz logo with their famous tagline – ‘The best or nothing’.

Jaguar’s Response to Mercedes’ Chicken Commercial

Fellow car brand Jaguar just had to have a go at their competitor’s quirky chicken commercial and did it in a bold and brilliant way. It was the biggest showdown between two of the best luxury car makers in the world when Jaguar’s TVC starts off with the words, “Jaguar vs. Chicken”. The TVC first shows a few comical snippets of the Mercedes original TVC with the lab guy dancing around with the chicken in his hands saying to the audience – “See, it’s just like a Mercedes”. The chicken is then suddenly snatched out of the lab guy’s hands with its feathers all over the place. Why? Because a “Jaguar” has snatched and eaten the stable, not to mention juicy, Mercedes chicken from the stunned and now sheepish lab guy’s hands.

The ad ends with Jaguar mocking the ‘Magic Body Control’ feature of the Mercedes, saying that they prefer the “cat-like” reflexes of a Jaguar – both cat and car. Jaguar boldly and intelligently twisted Mercedes’ TVC and took a big bite – literally, out of its competition.