A shattering brand move by Axe. Axe has come out with some of the wackiest of ads, and this one is right at par. With all the puns intended, this brand awareness strategy really did have an axe effect.

Axe Urges Men to Break A Woman’s Silence By “Breaking The Glass” For A Bottle of Axe

The popular brand of men’s deodorant, Axe is known for coming out with some of the craziest advertisements and this print ad is no less. A real “shattering” move by the brand – pun intended. Axe calls out to all the helpless and hopeless men out there who are trying to get a date with a woman but fail time and time again to come and spray on some Axe Deo.

Rejection Is Just Not in Axes Dictionary

Axe is positive that no man on this planet will be rejected after using their seductive and enticing deodorants. From bold and sexy to soft and alluring Axe has a wide range of deodorants to help even the most woman-shy and scared men. Whether you’re a man who has never dated a woman or has no idea how to approach one, Axe will definitely have something to help you for the kind of person that you are.

Their latest print ad shows a bottle of Axe deodorant – the latest temptation scent inside the glass box that usually would hold a fire extinguisher. On the red glass box are the words – “Break The Glass in Case She Said “No”. Beside the box is a small axe inviting men to break open the glass box if he is turned down by a woman. Axe invites all desperate and hopeful men out there to come, break open the glass box and spray on some Axe deodorant in case he approached a woman and she turned him down with a harsh “No”. Axe makes it simple for bashful and sheepish men to just come on over to the glass fire extinguisher holder, use the axe provided on the side, break open the glass and help themselves to their very own bottle of Axe perfume. And they’re good to go.

This Bold and Wacky Ad Really Did Have The “Axe” Effect

Axe very famously in all its advertisements ends with a simple one liner that assures all men that no matter where they come from or what their history with women may be, the “Axe” effect will help them out no matter what. And of course, the Axe effect refers to the potent, alluring and seducing power of the fragrance and manly scent of the Axe range of deodorants. A truly smart, simple and bold advertising move by the popular men’s fragrance.