A brand that went bold with their branding was: Air New Zealand. #AirNZSafetyVideo got over a million views for its Hobbit-inspired safety instruction for their flight.

Air New Zealand Adds a Bit of Zest to Boring In-Flight Safety Video with Hobbit Inspired Characters

We’re all so tired of the same old and mundane in-flight safety videos showing us for the umpteenth time how to buckle our seatbelts properly and fix on our breathing masks “in case there is an unlikely drop in air pressure”. So finally one airline decided to take the initiative and make their in-flight safety video more entertaining and appealing to the audience by launching a Hobbit-inspired safety instruction TVC for their flights. This is one airline safety video passengers might actually watch. And if you’re a “Lord of the Rings” trilogy fan then you won’t be able to take your eyes off!

Hobbit-Inspired Movie Characters Take a Jab at Explaining Inflight Safety Precautions

The TVC starts off with ancient medieval time music similar to the final film of The Lord of the Rings trilogy – “The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies” with the air hostess dressed in clothing inspired by the movie and her ‘Hobbit’ ears standing out. She explains to the passengers – some regular and some from the movie, to stow away their belongings in the overhead compartments or under the seats in front of them. The pilot in the cockpit wears a large wizard hat and fashions a long, grey beard.

The video then continues to explain the other safety instructions for the flight ahead like fastening seatbelts with one of the handsome prince-like characters from the movie depicting the perfect way to put on a seatbelt. He explains that if you’re seated in middle rows to read the special safety instructions in the front seat pocket which are exactly what two other movie characters take very seriously. The long-eared yet attractive air hostess continues to explain other in-flight safety instructions which all the passengers listen to intently. The handsome prince ejects his seatbelt and stands up to stretch his legs while his long locks blow lightly in the wind to which Anna Farris and another lady gaze in delight making the male passengers seated in front of them jealous.

Air New Zealand used bold and different advertising to make boring in-flight safety instructions fun and entertaining to the audience. This TVC garnered millions of views and for once made listening to flight safety instructions interesting and informative.