Golf Digest’s advertisement “broke” a car’s window! And the message they sent with it proved that they have some brilliant and witty tricks up their sleeves! Now, this is brand awareness pulled off with a perfect swing!

Golf Digest Takes A “Crack” At Guerilla Marketing

And what a crack they took – literally. A recent print advertisement launched by popular golf magazine Golf Digest shows a picture of a golf ball lodged in the window of a car and the window has been cracked badly due to the impact of the golf ball. On the golf ball are the words – “Golf Lessons, Learn from the Pros”. Golf Digest sure wasn’t scared to use a tactic that would make most people whose car windows have been broken, shattered and damaged by carelessly hit golf balls shudder in anger.

Making The Best of Guerrilla Marketing – Whoever Said You Have to Spend On Good, Smart Advertising?

Golf Digest was able to add a bit of humour, wit, and fun to traditional guerilla marketing. Guerilla marketing is a kind of advertising strategy that is specifically designed for business and companies to advertise their products or services in a very unconventional manner without spending too much money on advertising. It is a marketing strategy used by businesses who don’t have a huge budget to spend on advertising. And that’s exactly what Golf Digest magazine intended to do and did it brilliantly. Simple yet smart advertising, a low budget and one straightforward message to those who should seriously consider taking up golf lessons can perfectly describe this brand’s intelligent guerilla marketing. Golf Digest sure was able to “crack” the code of guerilla marketing.

Golf Digest Boldly Breaks a Car Window to ‘Drive’ Their Message into The Minds of People

You don’t have to love golf and you don’t have to hate it either – all Golf Digest wants you to do is to take a swing at some simple golf lessons. Maybe then your golf ball won’t end up stuck in the shattered glass of someone’s car window. Golf Digest also wanted to convey to the person whose car window has been smashed to take the golf ball and get the clear message that golf is certainly a game that everyone can enjoy if you just open your mind up a bit. And what better way to learn golf than from the pros themselves?

Golf Digest magazine sure took the bold route to showcase their guerilla marketing skills and proved to everyone that they have some witty and fun tricks up their golf sleeves. The magazine wants to get people to pick up a golf club and work on their perfect swing instead of having other’s golf balls smashed into their car windows. A bold and brilliantly smart ad appreciated and applauded by golfers everywhere and taken very seriously by the non-golfers. Golf Digest gave non-golfers a friendly yet stern message with a pinch of salt.