Team Lowe Lintas broke several stereotypes as they pulled this bold and beautiful ad campaign of remarriage. They didn’t just use an older woman, but a dark-skinned woman who is also a mother and a bride. Once one has watched this TVC it’s easy to understand why this is one of the path breaking TVCs in the Indian advertising world.

Tanishq Gives a Divorced Mother a Second Chance at Happiness

A divorced woman in India is bad enough but a divorced woman with a child is turned away from society with little to no chance of having a normal life again. Tanishq and team Lowe Lintas aimed at breaking this type of stereotypical thinking that still exists in our society with their touching and bold TVC portraying beautifully that divorced mothers in India can very much have a second chance at leading a happy life.

A Wedding to Remember

The TVC begins with the bride, the mother, being led by her little daughter onto the marriage dais where her younger husband-to-be awaits her eagerly. The dusky-skinned beauty is adorned with stunning jewellery to complement her pastel coloured saree. She takes a seat next to him while her daughter sits next to her grandparents. The bride and groom finish sacred ceremonies and start walking round the fire in holy matrimony when the daughter calls out to her mother saying that she too wants to go round and round with them.

But to her disappointment, her mother disagrees and indicates to the little girl to be quiet and this upsets her. Seeing this her new father calls out to little ‘Divya’ telling her to come up and join them and Divya runs up to him and jumps into his arms. The bride and mother smiles in happiness and contentment at how understanding and accommodating her new husband is. The daughter too agrees that she’s now got a wonderful dad.

A Message of Hope to All Single Mothers Out There

This Tanishq TVC is a subtle message to all single mothers out there to keep the faith and not to lose hope, encouraging the concept of remarriage. A divorced mother doesn’t have to be shunned by society forced to live the rest of her life alone but can most definitely get a second chance at finding love. It shouldn’t matter whether a woman is older or has a child to be able to wed again. Tanishq also boldly broke all barriers of clichéd advertising by choosing an older and dark-skinned bride for their TVC showcasing their exquisite jewellery on her proudly. Truly groundbreaking advertising by the jewellery brand that shattered the stereotypical concept of marriage in India.